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The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor Training Programme

December 2017

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As more and more owners of gundog breeds are following The Pet Gundog books and are realising that the dog they share their home with is not just capable of so much more but also needs so much more, Pet Gundog training is well on its way to becoming a specialism in its own right.

As owners are seeing the benefits of, and, enjoy training their pet gundogs in the art of gundog training, it was only a matter of time before instructors specialising in training pet gundog would become a necessity.

And so, the originator of it all, Lez Graham, continues her passion for The Pet Gundog by educating fellow professionals, so that they can continue to spread this pioneering work she has developed over the past decade, both Nationally and Internationally. Lez has created The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor® programme which has been designed to develop the cream of the crop in dog training instructors.

As an Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor® you will, upon completion and after the 18 months of intensive training, not only be proficient in pet dog training, you will have the knowledge to continue to spread the word that pet gundog training can be positive, motivating and enjoyable!

You will also be proficient in all aspects of training a gundog, as well as, to name but a few…

  • Mechanics of movement
  • Canine Anatomy & Physiology
  • Equipment design and usage
  • The psychology of the gundog
  • Common canine behaviours
  • Session planning

Only 12 places are available on each intake and successful applicants will, upon completion of the training programme and successful assessment, either be Accredited Pet Gundog Instructors or Advanced Accredited Pet Gundog Instructors.

With its monthly Skype sessions and online chat this is so more than a training course: it is a comprehensive, fully integrated mentoring programme including the highest standards of teaching, training and learning.

This programme offers the opportunity, through personal commitment, to reflect on and share expertise with other likeminded professionals, to learn from and be inspired by the very best in the industry; it is a career opportunity, unique to individual trainers to grow and achieve excellence.

Throughout the programme Lez Graham will be coaching and mentoring in her unique style, and will prepare you to set up as a highly skilled APGI running your own Gundog training classes for which you’ll receive a comprehensive training package.

As part of this programme you’ll be able to achieve not one, but two Open College Network Level 3 certificates; one in Canine Studies and the other in Canine Training and Behaviour, and, when combined with the Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor knowledge, you really will be at the top of your profession.

Lez was pivotal in the development of the National Occupational Standards for Canine Professionals and, as such, you can rest assured that the quality and the level of education you will be receiving during your learning journey will be second to none.

As well as having a Professional Practice Masters degree in Canine Behaviour & Psychology, Lez also holds a City & Guilds in Adult and Further Education Teaching Certificate.

So, if you’re serious about being a successful dog trainer and are passionate about all things gundog then this is an opportunity to train with the best.

“For anyone wishing to establish themselves within the Pet Gundog Training Industry training with Lez Graham will be a first class experience. Quite simply Lez has the experience and hands on skills to be able to show and help you with the ‘whole package.’ Business start-up, canine law and responsibilities, lesson planning and admin as well as of course teaching clients how to train their dog. I have worked with Lez for over ten years and she is an exceptionally talented Teacher and Dog Trainer. Studying with Lez is an opportunity that is way too good to miss…”

Howard Kirby
Sporting Shooter Gundog Expert
Lains Shooting School and Mullenscote Dog Training Centre

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