Every Tuesday & Wednesday Lez teaches small groups of people to train their 'gun dogs' to be 'gundogs'.

There are many aspects of training your dog to work as a gundog (regardless of breed) - the most important one being steadiness... after all you can walk around and pick the birds up yourself if your dog's having a bad day or learning his trade but if your dog isn't steady on the field
you won't be invited back.

Therefore the emphasis of the training is on 'steadiness for the field' so whether you're planning on taking your dog out on a shoot or just want to train him to a high level of basic obedience these ongoing weekly classes may well be what you're looking for. The training covers in depth, all aspects of the skills required by the Gundog club for the various gradings that are available, therefore at some point during your training and when each
group is ready, a gundog club grading will be arranged.

So, if you have a gundog breed, are interested in training your dog to do
what it has been bred to do and, you have a good level of basic obedience,
give Lez a ring to talk about suitability to joining in a group.

Lez is a registered Assessor with the Gundog Club.

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