Trained For Life

Lez is currently in the process of relocating to South Lanarkshire, Scotland and initially will be concentrating on writing some new books. There are several other plans in the pipeline including the Trained For Life Training Academy; keep watching this site for further details.

For people in the Wiltshire/Berkshire/Hampshire area:
if you need help in relation to your dog's behaviour, please contact Ross McCarthy.

Dog Behaviour

Canine Behaviour

Lez has an MA in Dog Psychology and is available to consult on any dog behaviour issues.

Gundog Training

Gundog Training

Lez runs specialised training days throughout the year and is available as a guest trainer/speaker.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Lez is an expert witness accredited by the CFBA and is able to provide temperament assessments of your dog for your solicitor.

Lez Graham has been working with dogs since 1998 and set up Trained For Life in January 2007 upon her return from New Zealand.

Lez' focus is to show people how, through changing their own behaviour and attitude towards their dog, their dogs behaviour and attitude towards them will change.

This then starts the process of training a well mannered, obedient and respectful dog... whether this is in the home, on a walk or wherever you and your dog find yourselves.

By expecting your dog to be well behaved and then enforcing it positively and in a way your dog understands, you end up with a dog that is looking to you for guidance and leadership ...Read more

Lez with Angus and Ziggy after her MA Graduation